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Tuesday, November 5, 2013 02:38 AM
IWI Israel Weapon Industries presents its full range of small arms at Defense & Security 2013.
Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) - a leader in the production of combat-proven small arms for governments, armies, and law enforcement agencies around the world - presents its complete solution for small arms for the first time at Defence & Security Thailand, taking place in Bangkok, November 4-7, Hall 1, Stand #641.

X-95 Micro Tavor of IWI Israel Weapon Industries

X95 (Micro Tavor)
The X95 (Micro Tavor) - which can be used as an Assault Rifle, Carbine, or Sub-Machine Gun (SMG) - will be showcased at IWI's stand. Designed for Law Enforcement and Special Forces, the X95 was developed in close cooperation with elite units and tailored to their specific requirements.

Created to deal with modern terror threats, as well as urban and open area combat - all in one mission, the X95 is the standard Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Assault Rifle, and is the only weapon available with 3 different calibers.

Exceptionally reliable in even the harshest weather conditions, and combat-proven by many police and armed forces around the world, the X95 complies with the most stringent NATO standards for small arms, including environmental standards. Incorporating advanced technology that allows the conversion from 5.56mmx45mm caliber to 9mmx19mm caliber to 5.45mmx39mm caliber and vice versa, Special Ops can use the same weapon platform for a wide array of scenarios, thus saving training time and spare parts, and reducing overall costs.


IWI Israel Weapon Industries Tavor

TAVOR Family
Also to be displayed at IWI's booth is the TAVOR 5.56mm family of Assault Rifles - versatile, innovative, and technologically advanced weapons that have been extensively proven on the battlefield, performing with precision and reliability, and meeting the needs of human ergonomics.

The TAVOR family was also developed in close cooperation with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), based on lessons learned from actual combat, and is considered the most sought-after weapon in the US. Complying with the most stringent NATO standards for small arms - including environmental standards and harsh conditions - the TAVOR is in service in the IDF Infantry and Special Forces as well as in other countries throughout the world. It has a bull pup configuration, a barrel length and weapon size that cover all soldier's fighting ranges - from 500 meters to indoor operations, fighting from vehicles, urban areas, etc.

Among its additional features, the TAVOR's body is made of strong, modern composite materials, and its metal parts are corrosion-resistant. It maintains zeroing at all times, even when converting from day optics to night optics. It also has an integrated reflex sight attached directly to the barrel, and can be comfortably used by either left or right-handed shooters.


ACE family of 5.56mm and 7.62mm caliber Assault Rifles

ACE Family
IWI will also showcase its ACE family of 5.56mm and 7.62mm caliber Assault Rifles - including the ACE N 5.56x45mm and the ACE 7.62x39mm - which are based on the exceptionally reliable mechanism of the very successful GALIL assault rifle. Blending enhanced human engineering and ergonomics with the demands of the modern battlefield - and providing both automatic and semi-automatic fire modes - the ACE has been extensively battle proven under the most extreme conditions, worldwide.

The short, lightweight assault rifle comes in three lengths. Its 4 picatinny rails act as a platform to mount a wide array of optical devices and other accessories. Air cooled and gas operated, the rifles are easy to use by right or left-handed users, are simple to maintain without special tools, and include night sights and telescopic and/or foldable butts.

According to Uri Amit, CEO of IWI, "IWI offers its customers a complete range of small arms products for all existing security needs. The company attaches great importance to its participation in this exhibition and to the expansion of its cooperation and activities in the region."