Milipol Paris 2019: FN Herstal new range of cartridges to its 5.56 and .50 calibers

Belgian Company FN Herstal presents its new range of cartridges to its 5.56 and .50 calibers, delivering a still wider purpose designed small caliber ammunition range. FN Herstal as a firearms manufacturer and the original designer of the most widely used NATO standard calibers, is uniquely placed to ensure perfect compatibility between these two fundamental elements: firearms and ammunition.

Milipol Paris 2019 FN Herstal new range of cartridges to its 5.56 and .50 calibers 01
FN PERMAX Enhanced Performance Round (EPR) cartridge (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The new FN PERMAX Enhanced Performance Round (EPR) cartridge delivers superior performance in urban combat by passing through barriers such as windscreens, automobile bodywork, glazing or masonry to reach a protected target. It has excellent mass retention behind barriers, maintaining greater incapacitating effect.

The new FN PROPASS Armor Piercing (AP) is ideally suited when the mission requires defeating hard targets using 5.56 caliber. Featuring a tungsten carbide core, the projectile perforates armored targets.

In the .50 cal ammunition line, FN Herstal has designed the FN ARIA .50 RR, a reduced range cartridge that features a shorter travel distance limited to 3,500m. The FN ARIA .50 RR cartridge is dedicated to safe and effective training with .50 cal weapons on shooting ranges that are limited to the use of 7.62mm weapons. A tracer version, the FN ARIA-T .50 RR-T, is also available.

These four new cartridges are qualified on FN Herstal weapons and compliant with NATO standards.


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