Rheinmetall exhibits its familly of ballistic protection at Milipol 2017

As a leading tech enterprise specializing in security and mobility, Rheinmetall feels a special obligation to make the best-possible equipment available to the people tasked with protecting us. This year, from 21 to 24 November, Rheinmetall is presenting a selection of its extensive array of law enforcement and security products at the MILIPOL international security show in Paris.

rheinmetall armor familly sensing armor milipol 925 001
Rheinmetall’s innovative Sensing Armour technology offers a reliable means of servicing and inspecting hard ballistic protective vest inserts.

Rheinmetall’s line of VERHA (Versatile Rheinmetall Armour) products lends itself to multiple applications, including maritime, land and air platforms as well as protective vest components. During the course of several contracts, Rheinmetall has already supplied various types of protective systems to customers in the civil and military sectors as well as law enforcement. Examples here include the partial armouring of ships, carbon fibre protection components for luxury limousines, hard ballistic inserts for bullet-resistant vests, and quick-mounting add-on protective elements for armouring helicopter cockpits.

The core feature of Rheinmetall’s innovative Sensing Armour technology is a sensor embedded in the inserts. This enables fast and easy detection of damage to inserts which otherwise appear to be intact – and without the need for expensive X-ray inspections.