Milipol 2017: MSA Safety spotlights innovative protection systems

First Responders, Police, Civil Defence, Special Forces and Soldiers are responsible for our safety and must face a new reality when preparing for any possible threat to the security of the country. With today’s increasing need for specialized Personal Protection, MSA has invested significant resources toward its research and engineering capabilities. MSA takes the business of protecting our troops and first responders very seriously, as evidenced by our long history of intimate working relationships with military command and local communities.

MSA Gallet at Milipol 2017
MSA Safety booth at Milipol 2017

At the MILIPOL Paris 2017, MSA is unveiling its coming “Quick Release” Removable Visor for MSA Tactical Helmet. Simple to adapt and easy to use because removable without tools, it effectively improves capability and adaptability during mission. It will fit to both anti-shock and bulletproof visors. It will be available as Retrofit system compatible with any of our Tactical Helmets (TC Special Forces, TC Tactical, etc.). The product launch s planned on 2018.

At the MILIPOL Show, MSA is shining another spotlight on its New Mesh suspension and antistrangulation chin strap for Gallet TC 800. Because of the wide range of possible missions, including crowd control and because helmet allocation can be on a group as well as individual basis, the Gallet TC 800 series is now available with a new suspension and retention system: New impact liner for superior anti-shock performance and new chin strap for anti-strangulation performance. Real one size fit now all capabilities!

Quick decisions are essential when operating under tough conditions. Just as elementary as sufficient information is also clear and unambiguous communication. With the MSA HandyCom PTT microphone speaker user can experience clearest speech intelligibility, coupled with an intuitive operating concept, which prevents incorrect operation. The product is designed for use by firefighter and is now available for Police applications. It can be connected to MSA Supreme Mil Hearing & Com headset and with TPH700 EADS Radios. Thus it is developed for the durable trouble-free operation under extreme environmental conditions such as flame and heat exposure or under the influence of spray and salt water such as on the open sea.

MSA also showcases a broad new line of innovative fall protection devices. Among those products is MSA’s new line of V-Series Harnesses which include a lightweight and durable model called the V-FORM harness, as well as a padded and tailored V-FIT option. Both models feature fully adjustable straps, comfort features and dual load indicators to alert wearers that the harness has been involved in a fall event. The V-FIT model also includes shoulder and leg padding for increased comfort. These harnesses are compatible with the MSA's Latchways WinGrip Aircraft Fall Protection. MSA's Latchways WinGrip is a vacuum anchor fall protection system for use in aviation maintenance and manufacturing of aircraft. WinGrip is safe and flexible, it can be used on the fuselage, stabilisers and wings; the system is quick to install, simple to use and is suitable for work inside the hangar and outside on the apron. WinGrip is already widely used by various military organisations globally.