Novitact introduces its Feeltact communicating wristband at Milipol 2015 21811154

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Novitact at Milipol 2015
Novitact introduces its Feeltact communicating wristband at Milipol 2015
Novitact, part of the French industrial group Groupe Marck, constantly seeks innovations and new technologies to support the security and defence forces during their interventions. Feeltact is a connected wristband using a patented revolutionary technology. It serves to alert and communicate in silence, in any situation, over unlimited distances.
Novitact introduce its Feeltact communication wristband at Milipol 2015 640 001Novitact's Feeltact innovative communicating wristband presented at Milipol 2015
A connected wristband, Feeltact allows transmitting up to four different messages by simply pressing buttons, and receive transmissions in the form of vibrations around the wrist. Like enhanced touch Morse code, each user group (intervention group, undercover agents, special forces, etc.) can intuitively create their own touch vocabulary and communicate discreetly and simply.

On the wrist, the wristband gives a sense of security to its wearer who thus always has an alert solution on hand. Connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone, the wristband also offers the ability to geotag its wearer on pressing a button, but is also to raise doubts by passive listening to their environment. Feeltact is a patented French technology by French company Novitact.

With Feeltact, Novitact offers a brand new way to communicate in any situation, thanks to vibrations. Feeltact wristband allows an efficient and instant communication that improves professionals’ safety.