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Milipol Paris 2015 pictures photos images video Worldwide International exhibition of internal State security information description photos images Paris France Porte de Versailles 17 - 20 November  2015
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Worldwide Exhibition of Internal State Security

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19 - 22 November 2015
Paris, France
EDEN Cluster Companies at Milipol 2015
EDEN Cluster Companies present latest innovations and technologies for security and police forces.
SMEs (Small and Medium Companies) from Rhône-Alpes, Brittany, Centre, PACA and Midi-Pyrenees regions of France present their innovations together at the Milipol Paris 2015 Worldwide exhibition of Internal State Security which was held in France from the 17 to 20 November 2015. Once again, EDEN is actively fulfilling its role of bringing together French SMEs from the safety, security and defense sectors.
The EDEN Cluster had a strong presence at Milipol 2015, with 21 businesses presenting their products and expertise under its name Aéro Surveillance, Banc National d'Epreuve, Bollé Safety, Cerg, Emitech, InPixal, LPSA. Metravib/Acoem, Novadem, OFC, Ouvry, PGM Précision, Prolann SRMP, Rigomer, Siepel, Sofileta, Sofradir, Sorhea, Sysnav, Verney-Carron, Wildsteer.

"Being a member of EDEN is a guarantee of credibility and professionalism As a label of quality. EDEN is committed to good financial health and the values - both human and corporate - shared by its members. It is also a means of gaining visibility: for instance, the pooling of expertise and the reduction of costs associated with exhibitions allows small companies with big ideas to increase their presence on international markets, and Milipol is one of the biggest international exhibitions," said Jean-Luc Logel, President of the EDEN Cluster.

EDEN, a cluster of SMEs from the defense, safety and security sectors, brings together almost 130 SMEs, representing 9000 jobs and a turnover of almost one billion Euros. Grouped together in a national federation, these companies are mainly located in the Rhône-Alpes, Brittany, Centre and PACA regions in France. Through pooling their most innovative knowledge and technologies, they offer tailored solutions at competitive prices

Each one is specialized in the defense, safety and security sectors. They develop products and services based on the leading technologies used by major clients and public institutions. They are often active in the military and civilian spheres, with on average 80% of their revenue dedicated to civilian security, via various innovations and efforts (GPS, border management etc.).

Although the "defense" portion of EDEN companies lies at 20% on average, the business share from military clients exceeds 90% for some: one of the cluster s missions is to help them diversify their activities so that they no longer rely entirely on defense markets This permits them to acquire new knowledge that could interest other clientele, and contribute to creating sustainable business and strengthening their capacity for innovation. EDEN also encourages its members to work together to make the products and services offered by French businesses more coherent and visible abroad

Members carry out joint prospecting campaigns abroad, pooling their sales representatives, share market & business information and develop new products together.