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QinetiQ contracted by Dstl to develop advanced materials
The UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) has contracted QinetiQ to develop and test advanced defence materials. These will protect UK’s land, air, maritime and subsea vehicles from the next generation of threats. The GBP10 million contract is a renewal of a previous and will span over the new five years.
QinetiQ contracted by Dstl to develop advanced materials
QinetiQ's world-class R&D facilities and capabilities, will allow the UK to maintain its technological edge in advanced materials (Photo: QinetiQ)

The new investment will make use of QinetiQ’s world-class R&D facilities developed in 2012 under a Dstl funding. To make the research financially viable, Dstl allows QinetiQ to spin out its non-classified intellectual property into commercial and overseas markets. During such a case, QinetiQ advised the French Government on whether a wind turbines project would interfere with weather radar.

QinetiQ’s Director of Research Services, Dr David Moore, said on the occasion of the agreement: “The facilities and research funded under this contract place the UK at the cutting-edge of advanced materials technology. The investment not only maintains a crucial battlefield advantage, but opens up a commercial supply chain that supports UK jobs, businesses and academia. The result is a hotbed of innovation, adding value for the UK Government with no additional burden on the taxpayer.”

While John Pearson, Dstl’s Programma Manager, said: “As technology advances at an unprecedented rate and becomes more accessible to hostile states and groups, it is vital that the UK stays one step ahead. Our investment will preserve a unique capability of critical national importance, enabling the British Armed Forces to maintain their battle-winning edge.”