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Algerian T-90 tanks receive Shtora-1 jammer
Russia has supplied a batch of Shtora-1 optical-electronic countermeasure systems to equip Algerian T-90S main battle tanks (MBT), according to a source in Russian defense industry.
Algerian T-90 tanks receive Shtora-1 jammer 640 001An Algerian T-90S Main Battle Tank (MBT) (Photo Canal Algérie)
"To increase protection of T-90SA tanks against high-explosive rounds and anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), Algeria has ordered a batch of Shtora-1 jammers. Russia has delivered this equipment to Algiers and installed in on the MBTs," the source said, not mentioning the number of Shtora-1 systems supplied.

He added that international interest in Russian optical-electronic protection systems and explosive reactive armour (ERA) for MBTs has significantly increased after the beginning of the operation in Syria. "In February 2016, Syrian rebels release a footage, where a T-90 tank armed with Shtora-1 and Kontakt-V ERA withstood a hit of TOW-2A/BGM-71E ATGM, retaining its capability to conduct fighting. We have seen several cases, when Shtora-1 successfully blocked guidance systems of enemy`s ATGMs, including TOW and TOW 2A anti-tank weapons. Despite its age, Shtora-1 remains a powerful countermeasure, posing a threat to even state-of-the-art anti-tank missiles, such as FGM-148 Javelin, Milan ER (Extended Range) or ERYX systems," the source emphasized.
Algerian T-90 tanks receive Shtora-1 jammer 640 002The Shtora-1 optical-electronic countermeasure systems
Shtora-1 optical-electronic countermeasure system was developed by Russian defense industry in the 1990s in two variants intended for T-90 MBT and BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles (IFV). The system comprises OTShU-1-7 infrared searchlights, TShU-1 and TShU-1-11 laser homing and warning systems and 81mm 3D17 smoke grenades (included in 902B Tucha system). Shtora-1 is reported to have a hit probability of 80-90% (depending on type of anti-tank missile and weather conditions). It can be installed on T-90A/T-90S, upgraded T-72B3 and T-80U tanks and BMP-3M IFVs.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute`s (SIPRI) arms transfer database, Russia supplied over 370 T-90SA MBTs to Algeria in 2006-2013. As the Vedomosti newspaper reported earlier, Moscow and Algiers signed in 2014 the contract for licensed production of about 200 T-90SA tanks valued at USD1 billion.

T-90SA variant has specifications equal to those of T-90S, featuring new air conditioning unit.
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