Polish army unveils USD 49.8 Billion modernization plan 2026

The Polish Minister of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, signed a Technical Modernization Plan until 2026 costing an approximate 185 billion Polish złotys (about US$48.9 billion). It includes buying 5th generation fighter jets, UAVs, assault helicopters, Short-range rockets, submarines and cyber security.

Polish army unveils USD 49.8 Billion modernization plan 2026
Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak (Picture source: Maciej Kulczyński /DAD)

The technical modernization plan is a roadmap. All modern equipment will be directed to the new 4th division of the Polish Army, Błaszczak said on 1st March. In the document signed, the Harpia program is the most important program: Poland plans to buy 32 multi-role aircraft of the 5th generation.

In the modernization plan, among the priority tasks, the Narew program (acquisition of anti-aircraft short-range rocket sets for combating, among others, unmanned aerial vehicles), Kruk (purchase of assault helicopters) and Orka (purchase of submarines) was registered.

Błaszczak stated the country has prepared a bridging solution for submarines. One of the areas that will be modernized under the Plan is cybersecurity: “Expenditure on the defense forces of cyberspace will amount to PLN 3 billion (US $791 million),” said Minister Blaszczak.