Russian Army to receive more Orlan-10 UAVs in 2015

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Russian Army to Rreceive more Orlan-10 UAVs in 2015
The Special Technological Center will increase its supplies of the unmanned aerial reconnaissance systems based on the Orlan-10 drones to the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation. This was reported by a source in the military-industrial complex.
Russian Army to Rreceive more Orlan-10 UAVs in 2015catapult-launched Orlan-10 UAV

“In accordance with the current production program, the Special Technological Center will supply more reconnaissance complexes based on the Orlan-10 drones in 2015 as compared to 2014. Under the terms of the state defence order, the Orlan-10 drones are being supplied in six modifications with different target loads, depending on the functional requirements of the customer,” the source informed.

“All deliveries are being carried out for the Russian Defence Ministry and other law enforcement agencies,” the official concluded.

It’s worth mentioning that the Orlan-10 has a takeoff weight of 14-18 kg, a payload of 5 kg and an air speed of 90-170 km/h. The catapult-launched Orlan-10 UAV, developed by the Saint Petersburg-based Special Technology Center (STC), is powered by a piston engine giving it a reported endurance of up to 15 hours, a service ceiling of 23,000 ft and an operational range of 600 km.