Arquus presents its Scarabée light armored vehicle at the Paris Air Show

The French manufacturer Arquus is present at the Paris Air Show 2019. In the framework of its work on the airlift, the company displays namely its Scarabée light armored vehicle, presented for the first time to the general public.

Arquus presents its Scarabée for the first time at the Paris Air Show 1
The Scarabée is presented for the first to the public at the Paris Air Show 2019 (Picture source: Arquus)

Arquus' firstborn, the Scarabée is a light armored 4x4 vehicle designed for reconnaissance, assistance with contact or in-depth engagement support. The Scarabée was designed in partnership with French SMEs and start-ups (95% of French suppliers). Its interior layout, designed to accommodate four people, is intended to allow optimal communication between crew members, reinforced by the Battlenet vetron system.

Benefiting from a very compact size, equivalent to that of the VB2L, the Scarabée is air transportable (Lockheed C-130 Hercules, CH-47 Chinook, A400M Atlas). Air transportable, the Scarabée is compatible with the LTCO12 platform. In this configuration, it can be ready to fight within 15 minutes. The sliding side doors allow continuity of access during the airlift, thus increasing the speed of projection by finalizing the development of the vehicle directly in the aircraft.

It is capable of performing assault missions, with embedded personnel and weapons committed according to standards, allowing the securing of strategic points. It can thus ensure the capture of advanced positions, and the securing of airstrips, ahead of the airborne units.

Arquus presents its Scarabée for the first time at the Paris Air Show 2
Scarabée strapped on an LTCO12 platform unloaded from a C-130 Hercules (Picture source: Arquus)