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Elbit’s IronVision can see through armour
Elbit is introducing to the market the IronVision system that would allow tank and infantry crewmen to see-through the armour of their vehicles. The 360-degree, helmet-mounted, panoramic and situational awareness system provides real-time view of the battlefield around a tank or infantry fighting vehicle.
Elbit’s IronVision can see through armour
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The visor of the system projects colour, high-resolution imagery, with zero latency. Therefore, the user can have a clear picture of the surroundings in both day and night, under any weather conditions.

IronVision integrates the see-through armour technology with the existing C4I and warning systems. The users can see on the display the position of different features of interest, such as a crawling soldier or a vehicle at a distance of up to 300 metres away. That function supports commanders and drivers to take decisions in short time and reduce the time between spotting a target and firing against it.