KMW from Germany will deliver Leguan bridge layer to Finland

The procurement authority of the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) is modernising and expanding the Leguan bridge layer fleet. To this end, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) has signed a contract with the national general contractor for the project, Patria Land Systems Oy.

KMW from Germany will deliver Leguan bridge layer to Finland 925 001
Leguan bridge layer on Leopard 2 chassis at Eurosatory defense exhibition in Paris, France. (Picture source Army Recognition)

This project makes Finland the sixth user to introduce the ability to lay short Leguan bridges, modernising all systems with respect to performance and future viability. Moreover, equipment package deliveries and supports services in the construction of four more new Leguan systems with Leopard 2 chassis have been ordered. The contract will be carried out in 2019 and 2020.

The Leguan bridge layer system is used by 17 countries, not only giving it unique interoperability, but also creating ideal framework conditions for cooperation for receiving and refining the system.

The Leguan Leopard 2 is a bridge layer tracked armoured vehicle or AVLB (Armoured Vehicle-Launched Bridge) designed and manufactured by the German Company KMW Krauss-Maffe-Wegmann. The system LEGUAN LEOPARD 2 unites the well-known very high mobility of the LEOPARD 2 battle tank and the interoperability of the LEGUAN bridge laying system.

The LEGUAN bridge layer can configure one bridge of 26 meters length or two of 14 meters length. The width of the obstacles to be overcome can be up to 24 or 12 meters correspondingly. The automatic laying and loading system can lay a bridge horizontally in approximately 5 minutes (14 meter bridge) and 6 minutes (26 meter bridge) by a single person. The low silhouette of the vehicle remains preserved during this procedure. The loading of the bridge takes 8 minutes with the 26 meter bridge and only 7 with the 14 meter bridge.