Artec GmbH delivers the 300th Boxer multirole armoured fighting vehicle 30807153

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Artec GmbH delivers the 300th Boxer multirole armoured fighting vehicle
End June 2015 the 300. BOXER vehicle has been delivered to the customers according to contract by the ARTEC GmbH (ARmoured vehicle TEChnology) industrial group, a joint venture of KMW and Rheinmetall Man Military Vehicles. The vehicle was an Ambulance BOXER for the Royal Netherlands Army. In total the Army of Germany and the Royal Netherlands Army have ordered 472 vehicles in a first batch.
Artec GmbH delivers the 300th Boxer multirole armoured fighting vehicle Boxer armoured ambulance of the Dutch Army.

The Boxer is a German-Dutch multirole armoured fighting vehicle designed to accomplish a number of operations through the use of installable mission modules. The expanded range of tasks assigned to modern armies requires optimally protected, highly mobile transport vehicles that can be reliably used with a high payload capacity under extremely adverse environmental conditions.

The BOXER meets these demands head on. Its modular construction allows a multiplicity of mission-specific vehicle variants. Therefore, the vehicle family consists of a uniform drive module as well as user-specific deployment modules. Its comprehensive protection system against mines, IEDs and ballistic threats ensures maximum crew survivability. The diverse spectrum of challenges within the concept of the Three-Block-War of high-intensity combat actions, peace keeping and humanitarian relief operations within complex threat environments requires a new military vehicle concept. BOXER with its unique modularity is the vehicle that is flexible enough to fulfil this wide spectrum of diverse mission requirements with unique survivability, reliability and future growth potential. The BOXER is a true mother ship providing multiple functions for its users and communication interfaces for participation in network enabled warfare. The flexibility of its modularity allows BOXER to be easily adapted to meet diverse mission requirements, in rapidly changing circumstances and global environments.

Protected medical support on today’s battlefields gains importance as the special status of ambulance vehicles is no longer taken for granted. Ambulance vehicles have therefore to be protected to the same standard as combat vehicles and have to provide the same mobility to be able to follow them in high threat areas and to safeguard the casualties and crew. In a first batch the German Army ordered 72 and the Dutch Army 58 BOXER vehicles in different Ambulance variants.

In different layouts for the German and Dutch Armies the Ambulance vehicles are protected against the same threats as all other variants and provide the same level of safety. Therefore the BOXER ambulance is currently one of the best protected wheeled ambulance vehicles available.

For the interior layout, several designs are possible. The Ambulance variants provide a wide range of flexibility regarding the number of casualties and their level of injury.


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