Video: US Army has conducted first live firing test of Iron Dome air defense missile system

The U.S. Army, in conjunction with the Israeli Missile Defense Organization (IMDO), took a critical step toward fielding the first of two Iron Dome Defense System-Army (IDDS-A) batteries. The U.S. Army has conducted the first live firing tests of the Iron Dome counter artillery air defense missile system.
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Summary of this video:

The U.S. Army 3-43 Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Battalion (BN), a subordinate unit assigned to the 11th ADA Brigade (BDE) in Fort Bliss, TX is the first unit to undergo New Equipment Training, and execute live-fire tests with the newly acquired interim cruise missile defense system. Soldiers from 3-43 ADA successfully engaged eight cruise missile surrogate targets as part of a coordinated performance test and live-fire event.

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