The President is the titular Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. The Minister of Defense and Security is responsible to the President. The Cabinet’s Defense Presidium, chaired by the Minister of Defense and Security, is tasked with formulating defense policies. The Indonesian Armed Forces includes the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. The total active manpower of the Indonesian army is around 387,000 personnel. There is also a Para-military force with 190,000 National police officer and 12,000 members of the Police Mobile Brigade.
The Land Forces of the Indonesian Army is around 298,000 soldiers, and a reserve of 35,000 soldiers, with the structure:
11 military regional commands, 1 armoured cavalry brigade, 4 infantry brigades, 3 airborne brigades, 1 para/commando brigade, 2 artillery regiments, 2 engineer battalions, 1 air defense regiment.
Ten regional commands with: 60 independent infantry battalions, 10 independent armoured battalions, 8 independent artillery battalions, 9 independent air defense battalions, 8 engineer battalions, 8 cavalry reconnaissance battalions.
Special Force command with 5 groups: 1 training group, 1 counter-terrorist group, 2 para-commando groups, 1 unconventional warfare group. Groups are battalion’s level unit.

Military equipment and vehicles Indonesian Army of Indonesia.

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