IDEX 2021: Hafeet Mk 2 NIMR EDGE represents latest technology of 6x6 armored vehicle

During IDEX 2021, the International Defense Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, the company NIMR, a global leader in the manufacturing of combat-proven light and medium wheeled combat vehicles, displays the second generation of its Hafeet-class 6x6 multipurpose tactical and armored vehicle.

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NIMR EDGE presents its news Hafeet Mk 2 6x6 armored vehicle at IDEX 2021, International Land Defense Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, UAE. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Like with the new Ajban Mk 2 4x4 armored vehicle, the Hafeet Mk 2 offers a high level of protection against ballistic and mine threats. The design of the vehicle is tailored to the new needs of military and security forces.

The Hafeet Mk 2 6x6 armored vehicle was designed to offer a high degree of commonality between the second generation of Ajban and the Hafeet with a benefit in terms of training and support.

The Hafeet Mk 2 has been designed to provide a multirole platform that can be configured to perform a wide range of missions. The vehicle is available in APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) version with a crew of two and the possibility to accommodate eight fully geared military personnel. The Hafeet Mk 2 is also available as an artillery observation vehicle with radar and reconnaissance mast mounted on the roof of the vehicle. In the ambulance version, the vehicle is capable to carry a medical crew of four including the driver and commander as well as two stretchers. The surveillance and observation variant has a crew of four with onboard equipment including C4I (command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence) systems, independent power unit, and telescopic mast with radar and cameras. 

The Hafeet Mk 2 has a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of 16,500 kg with a maximum payload of 3,000 kg, double of the previous version. It has an approximate length of 7.0 m, a width of 2.45 m, and a height of 2.65 m. 

Hafeet Mk 2 NIMR EDGE represents latest technology of 6x6 armored vehicle IDEX 2021 925 002
At IDEX 2021, the Hafeet Mk 2 was presented in APC configuration with a two-man crew and eight infantrymen. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The design of the vehicle offers high internal volume and comfort for the crew and infantrymen. The troop’s compartment is not separated from the driver and commander position, a real advantage to communicate during combat operations. Each side at the front of the vehicle has a single door with a small bulletproof window. The front of the hull is fitted with two large windscreens. Four small bulletproof windows with a firing port are mounted on each side of the troop’s compartment as well as one at the rear of the vehicle. A single door is located at the rear of the hull.

The Hafeet Mk 2 is based on a monocoque and V-hull design to reduce the effects of mine and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) blast. The hull of the vehicle offers ballistic and mine protection Level 3 against the firing of small arms using 7.62 mm AP (Armor-Piercing) ammunition and the blast of 8 KG of TNT under the wheels and center floor of the vehicle. The vehicle has a crew of two including driver and commander and can accommodate eight Infantrymen who are seated on individual anti-mine blast seats mounted on each side of the hull facing inward.

The roof of the Hafeet Mk 2 is fitted with roof hatches that can be used in case of emergency. The armament of the vehicle can include a 360° ring-mount or a remotely operated weapon station that can be armed with a machine gun up to 12.7 mm caliber or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher.

The Hafeet Mk 2 is powered by a 360 hp Diesel engine coupled to a 6-speed automatic transmission. Like for the Ajban Mk 2, the powerpack of the new Hafeet can be easily and quickly removed. The vehicle can reach a maximum road speed of 120 km/h, with a maximum cruising range of 650 km at 100 km/h.