IDEX 2019: MBDA and MILREM Robotics unveil the world’s first antitank UGV

MBDA and Milrem Robotics are showcasing the world’s first anti- tank unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) at IDEX 2019. The debut of the system’s advanced concept comes only eight months after Milrem Robotics and MBDA announced the start of feasibility studies of the system.

IDEX 2019 MBDA and MILREM Robotics unveil the worlds first antitank UGV
Milrem Robotics THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle with the MBDA IMPACT (Integrated MMP Precision Attack Combat Turret) system (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The joint project integrates the Milrem Robotics THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle with the MBDA IMPACT (Integrated MMP Precision Attack Combat Turret) system fitted with two MMP 5th generation battlefield engagement missiles and a self-defence machine gun. “This combination of two of the most modern technologies in their field is a very good example of how robotic warfare systems will bring disruption to the battlefield and make some traditional technologies obsolete,” said Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem Robotics. “Our unmanned land combat system under study together with MBDA will be very efficient in keeping our troops safe and significantly increasing the capability to fight main battle tanks as well as any other ground target,” Väärsi added. In fact, ret. General Riho Terras, of the Estonian army, explained to Army Army Recognition how far the introduction of such antitank UGVs will fundamentally change the doctrine in terms of use of antitank vehicles and even MBTs.

The land combat warfare system is intended to be remotely operated. Soldiers can deploy it while remaining at a safe distance and using a wireless or a tethered connection. The system will have a low heat and noise signature so it can stay unnoticed until completing its mission.

“Being delivered to the French Army since the end of 2017, the MMP system is now deployed by the French forces in theatre, where it replaces the Milan and Javelin missiles. With fully digitalized functions of observation, targeting, positioning and guidance, the MMP system is perfectly suited for integration on vehicles, including remotely operated ones” said Francis Bordachar, Military Advisor Land Products at MBDA.

Last but not least, ret. General Terras announced a captivating news: the Estonian army will deploy Milrem THeMIS in Mali at the end of April but not in an armed version: these UGVs will be operationally tested only in the reconnaissance and transport (mule) roles.


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