IDEX 2019: IGG showcases the Desert Spider 57mm turret

During IDEX 2019 held from the 17 February to the 21 February 2019 in Abu Dhabi, a new 57mm turret was unveiled on International Golden Group (IGG). Meet the Desert Spider.

idex 2019 igg showcases desert spider 57mm turret

The Desert Spider is a cost effective solution for the protection of critical and high value infrastructure such as oil fields, nuclear plants border patrol, camp perimeter and other strategic sites. the Desert spider was specifically designed to be rapidly deployed by land or air to meet critical and tactical needs in a fast changing environment and is therefore remotely controlled, highly transportable with a high fire power capability.

The 57mm weapon's fire power capability can be used to engage and eliminate a wide range of armored and unarmored targets and threats at range of more than 6km. When fitted with a radar system, it can detect aerial, naval or land threats. The threats detected by the radar are cued to the electro-optical system for identification and engagement.

The Desert Spider can also be fitted with 70mm rocket launcher (or guided missile). The turret has a ammunition capacity of 92 rounds per boxes and can fire up to 120 rounds per minute. The Desert Spider have also a coaxial KPVT 14.5mm machine gun. The turret itself is STANAG 4569 Level 3 compliant, weights arounds 5.000 kg, can rotate 360° and have a -20° to +70° elevation.


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