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19 - 23 February 2017
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IVECO at IDEX 2017
IVECO's new LMV variant suited for Public Order Missions emerges at IDEX 2017
A new variant of IVECO's Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV) suitable for Public Order missions, already in service in the Middle East area, is displayed for the first time at IDEX 2017. This vehicle is the last evolution of the first LMV generation, called VTLM1A, still in production. It features a one piece hardtop roof, replacing the original modular design: this increases the vehicle’s flexibility, enabling either a Remote Control Weapon Station or a protected gunner’s position depending on the mission.
IVECO's new variant of LMV dedicated to Public Order Missions
Other improvements include higher IED protection, providing additional comfort for the crew as well. The modular design of the vehicle provides a perfect platform for systems integration. LMV for public order missions has an enhanced power supply through a higher output alternator and infrared headlights integrated in a new bumper with a centre mounted towing pintle.

Improved seats provide the occupants with increased protection against mine blast. Moreover, the vehicle on display is fitted with shooting doors.

By developing the existing design and introducing new innovations and novel technology, Iveco ensures that the user has a vehicle he can rely on whatever operational task.

The Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV) was launched in 2006 and, from that point onwards, it has been the subject of continuous development and innovation. Iveco Defence Vehicles appreciated from the outset that a vehicle such as LMV would have to evolve with changing requirements. The company therefore implemented a programme of product development which focused on delivering incremental improvements, usually from lessons learned in the field, whilst maintaining the excellence of the basic design.

The fourth generation LAV (Light Armoured Vehicle) procured by the Norwegian Armed Forces at the beginning of 2013, demonstrated the ability of the LMV design to accommodate a variety of developments which are demanded by the user. One of the most important benefits was an increase of payload of some 40% to about 1.5 tonnes, depending on the vehicle configuration. The last evolution of LMV, the LMV2 launched at Eurosatory 2016, continues to expand the roles it can undertake, providing better performance, greater reliability, and increased crew comfort. This second generation LMV will be produced parallel to the current version, in order to meet the full spectrum of operational roles demanded by the military user.

At present, the LMV is available in a number of different variants, with a range of different protection levels or none at all. These include the Medevac, NBC unit, Pick-up, RSTA and SOF. Whatever its role, the LMV will continue to fulfil its most valued function: that of transporting its crew quickly and safely on any mission they are required to undertake.


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