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19 - 23 February 2017
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Nexter Systems at IDEX 2017
IDEX 2017: Nexter spotlights latest generation of unmanned turrets and medium caliber systems
France’s leading land defense systems and ammunition designer and manufacturer, Nexter also has over a hundred year’s experience as a major producer of guns and artillery systems and is presenting its latest generation of unmanned turrets on its stand at IDEX 2017 defense & security exhibition.
Nexter's Unmanned T40 turret
The Unmanned T40, the new generation of unmanned turret based on the 40mm Cased Telescoped (CT) gun concept, provides high levels of combat lethality for medium weight vehicles deployed across the full spectrum of missions. Developed around the latest architecture, derived from the JAGUAR turret which is part of the SCORPION program, the turret system is future-proofed allowing easy and low cost future upgrades.

The Unmanned T40 turret is presented on Nexter stand alongside CTA International’s 40 Cased Telescoped Armament System (40 CTAS), on which the Nexter T40 turret range is based. Designed and manufactured by CTA International, a Nexter Systems-BAE Systems joint-venture, the 40 CTAS offers a powerful yet compact weapon for armored and infantry fighting vehicles. Today, the 40 CT gun is in series production and will equip the British Army’s WARRIOR and AJAX vehicles and the JAGUAR for the French army.

The 40mm range of ammunition, developed in parallel with Nexter Munitions, provides the ability to engage a wide range of threat types, with increased armor penetration and high explosive payload.
And Nexter's ARX-25 Remote Controlled Stabilized Weapon Station
The ARX®25, a new state-of-the-art Remote Controlled Stabilized Weapon Station (RCWS) from Nexter is highlighted on the stand. Using the highly-reliable 25mm battle-proven gun from the VBCI platform, providing exceptional firepower and accuracy, the ARX®25 is ideally suited for operation on all types of wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles from 12 ton class upwards, for surveillance, protection, security and combat missions on open modern battlefields and in urban areas.

“The success of our state-of-the-art medium caliber gun range is proof that such calibers are fully relevant today against the new threats we are facing” affirmed Gilles Sarreau, Senior Vice President Artillery, Turret and Weapon Systems Programs.


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