IDEF 2021: FNSS from Turkey displays new version of Shadow Rider UGV

Turkish company FNSS continues to develop Shadow Rider Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) concept, which was exhibited in 2019 at IDEF, defense exhibition in Turkey. The newest member of the Shadow Rider family is displayed for the first time with an unmanned remote turret armed with a 25mm cannon and its autonomous capabilities at the edition 2021 of IDEF.

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Turkish company FNSS displays a new version of its Shadow Rider Combat UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) armed with 25mm cannon at IDEF 2021, defense exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey.  (Picture source Army Recognition)

Shadow Rider Combat UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) prototype is developed by FNSS engineering with the consideration of the current technologies in the field of robotics and autonomous systems to meet the complex and challenging operational requirements of the modern battlefield.

Shadow Rider family of vehicles are equipped with the autonomy kit developed by FNSS. Shadow Rider has patrol, follow the leader and return to base autonomous driving modes and also has various layers of protection for a secure driving capability. FNSS autonomy kit is designed in open architecture to enable rapid adaptation of technology enhancement.

Shadow Rider Combat is equipped with a 25mm remotely controlled turret, a special turret design for unmanned vehicles. Show Rider Combat variant will not have autonomous firing capability, the gunner will always be in the loop and fire decision will be given by the dismount.

Shadow Rider has a modular design to support the armies in a variety of mission profiles, challenging environmental conditions and geography. Different mission kits can be easily integrated to the platform. Shadow Rider can be used in extensive mission profiles including but not limited to direct fire support, reconnaissance, surveillance, communication relay tactical decoy and logistic support.

As a reliable and combat-proven vehicle, M113 has been selected as a base platform for the Shadow Rider design concept. This approach allowed FNSS to focus more on autonomous technologies. Shadow Rider Family of Vehicles are equipped with a diesel engine and have range of >450 km. Shadow Rider can reach a speed of >50 km/h on asphalt road and can climb 60% gradient and 30% side slope, cross 60 cm vertical obstacles and has trench crossing capability of 160 cm long ditches. Shadow Rider has a payload capacity of 4500 kg.

Shadow Rider FoV also provides optionally manned driving capability.

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