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IDEF 2017
International Defence Industry Fair

9 - 12 May 2017
Istanbul, Turkey
Aselsan at IDEF 2017
IDEF 2017: Aselsan showcases its progress in exoskeleton technologies
Turkish defence electronics giant Aselsan showcases its progress in exoskeleton at the International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF), which takes place in Istanbul from 9-12 May, 2017. With its brand new exoskeleton system, Aselsan enters the small club of companies able to create "future soldier systems".

Aselsan's Exoskeleton system at IDEF 2017
Aselsan’s exoskeleton concept, dubbed Askeri Yürüyüs Asistani (Military Walking Assistant or ASYA), is being developed with the aim of reducing “the impact of gravitation upon soldier’s leg and foot muscles and joints, and will thus help them to perform better.” The ASYA could be used to help soldiers carry heavy equipment more comfortably and to traverse longer distances by foot without tiring.

Military purpose Exoskeleton, the new addition to Aselsan wearable technologies product line, integrated with the Cenker system is designed to fulfill all operational requirements.

Designed according to requirements of Special Forces, Infantry and Gendarmes, Aselsan's indigenous Exoskeleton assists its user during demanding tasks like marching, running, climbing and leaping, thus enabling increased performance inthe long run.

With high movement capability and increased user adaptability, this Exoskeleton performs rapid motions with minimal resistance while intervening at critical moments to enhance user performance.

Developed with national capabilities and abilities, with support from Turkish universities, Exoskeleton with its lightness and high strength, is ready to serve in all extreme conditions. Among many properties, Exoskeleton features light weight, low power consumption, stamina enhancement, and can be integrated with other wearable technologies.

Aselsan's Exoskeleton system at IDEF 2017