IDEAS 2016: Poly Defence promotes its family of handeld thermal imagers

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IDEAS 2016
9th International Defence Exhibition & Seminar

22 to 25 November 2016
Karachi , Pakistan
Poly Defence at IDEAS 2016
IDEAS 2016: Poly Defence promotes its family of handeld thermal imagers
At IDEAS 2016, which will be held until Nov. 25 in Karachi, Pakistan, the Chinese company Poly Defence is highlighting for the first time two members of its family of handheld thermal imagers: the HHB201 and the HHBC200-JA.
The HHBC200-JA at IDEAS 2016
The HHBC200-JA is a dual-FOV multifunctional cooled binocular handheld thermal imager. It is composed of a thermal imager, a GPS, an electronic compass and a LRF. “Combining infrared and visible light greatly improves all-weather scout effectiveness and provides abundant scout information,” explains Poly Defence.

This cooled thermal imager has a detection range of 9 km for a vehicle and 4 km for a human, and a recognition range of 4 km for a vehicle and 2 km for a human. Its eye safe laser range finder has an operational range of 8 km and a precision of 5 m. HHBC200-JA’s GPS has a precision of target location of about 10 m. The system weights 3.3 kg and has an endurance or 4 hours.

Poly Defence’s HHB201 is an uncooled multifunctional thermal imager with high integration. It consists of IR imaging parts, GPS, electronic compass, laser range finder and visual telescope. It can be either portable or fitted on a tripod. According to Poly Defence, “It can work all-weather through dust and fog, detecting, recognizing, tracking and analyzing targets”.

The HHB201 has a recognition range of 1.2 km for a person, 2 km for a vehicle and 9 km for a vessel. Its laser range finder has an accuracy of 5 m. Its three Li-ion batteries provide it an endurance of about 4 hours.