GDA 2019: Edge Eyewear displays its fog-resistant tactical glasses

On the  Gulf Integrated Security Solutions stand at GDA 2019, Edge Eyewar displays its tactical glasses, highly resistant to impact and fog.

GDA 2019 Edge Eyewear displays its fog resistant tactical glasses
Edge Eyewear on Gulf Integrated Security Solutions stand at GDA 2019 (Picture source: Army Recognition )

Edge Eyewear became the first company ever to successfully produce ANSI Compliant Polarized Safety Lenses. There are two methodologies to produce polarized lenses. One method, called "thermoforming" or "heat stamping", has never produced polarized film lenses that are strong or thick enough to withstand the intense impact tests required by the ANSI Z87+ and MCEPS standards. Polycarbonate injection molded lenses, pioneered by Edge Eyewear, contain ionized crystals that filter light in a similar manner as polarized film, yet leave the lenses thick enough to withstand the intense impact standards required by ANSI Z87+ and Military MCEPS Standards.

Edge Eyewear developed a revolutionary, military-grade anti-fog coating called Vapor Shield. It is completely resistant to fog.

Edge Tactical is committed to the following:

- Creating designer quality, safety-rated eyewear that merges cutting-edge fashion with comfort
- Pioneering and incorporating emerging technologies and classic features into our glasses and goggles
- Providing all business partners with a "premium experience"
- Offering valuable training opportunities for safety professionals in regard to ANSI specifications
- Educating eyewear users about safety standards, proper fit & frame selection, lens technologies, ultraviolet radiation, and general optical health and safety practices