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The MMP (Missile Moyenne Portée – Medium-Range Missile) is a portable surface-to-surface launcher missile system developed by the Defense Company MBDA. The development of the MMP started in 2009 initiated by the Company MBDA and the mass production began in 2013. MBDA has won a contract the French army to develop a medium-range missile that could defeat everything from tanks to bunkers to hostile troops in buildings. The MMP program was confirmed in France’s Defence and National Security White Paper and reaffirmed by the French Minister of Defence during his visit to MBDA’s Bourges facility on June10, 2013. The MMP is a fifth generation land combat missile system especially designed to be used by infantry units as anti-tank weapon or to be integrated on wheeled or tracked combat vehicles offering more fire power against modern tanks or heavy armoured vehicles. The MMP will replace the Milan wire-guided anti-tank missile launcher unit, the HOT missiles mounted on VAB Armoured Fighting Vehicles.In April 2014, MBDA has demonstrated the firing capabilities of its MMP missile in an operational configuration. The launch tests were carried out in a confined space in the presence of the operator, using his firing post, and the team leader. On 12th February, 2015, another test firing of the MMP missile took place at the French Procurement Agency DGA Techniques Terrestres site in Bourges central France. This latest firing, against a steel target positioned at an intermediate range, was carried out in lock on before launch mode (fire-and-forget) using the missile seeker's colour TV channel. All aspects of the test, covering launch, flight trajectory and target impact, took place optimally and fully conformed to the simulations of MBDA's project teams. In December 2017, the French army has take delivery of 50 missiles and 20 firing posts from the new MMP system. The MMP program will see the delivery of 400 firing posts and 1,750 missiles across all of the French Armed Forces by 2025. The MMP missile will also be integrated to the Jaguar EBRC 6x6 armoured vehicle that could enter in service with the French Army in 2020. From August 25 to September 22, 2018, in Djibouti, the French Army Technical Service (STAT), the French DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement), with the support of MBDA, achieved the evaluation campaign of the MMP 5th generation land combat missile system. The objective of this operational evaluation was to check the suitability of the MMP weapon system for use in semi-desert condition. In November 2018, Members of 15 foreign delegations, as well as representatives of the European Defence Agency (EDA) and of the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), have been given the opportunity to witness the full range of capabilities of MBDA's 5th generation MMP (Missile Moyenne Portée) ground combat missile during a live firing demonstration.

MMP MBDA variants:

MLP variant: with extended range to 8 km.

Technical Data

Firing Post Unit
The MMP man-portable surface-to-surface missile system is based on a digitalized firing post including a tripod and battery weighing 11 kg. It includes latest generation Band 2 infrared (IR), a day camera and laser range finder. The optronic control unit is fitted with a high-definition twin-field infrared sensor offering advanced image processing, a daytime video channel, GPS receiver, and magnetic compass. The twin-field system gives the gunner images from both the cameras in the firing-post and the missile’s seeker. A laser rangefinder will be optional. Both the optronic units and the seekers are produced by Sagem’s Poitiers plant. The firing post can work in autonomous mode or connected to an external power source.
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Close view of firing post unit of MBDA MMP man-portable anti-tank guided missile system
The MMP is a digital missile with a passive dual-band seeker including uncooled Infrared and color TV channel. It use a multi-purpose tandem warhead. The MMP missile has a dual mode seeker (uncooled infrared and visible color channels) and also a fiber-optic data link making it possible to maintain "man-in-the-loop" control. This capability gives it unmatched accuracy and minimizes the risk of collateral damage. The missile is fitted with selectable warhead mode to be used as Anti-Tank missile for optimal armour penetration or with maximum blast effect against dismount personnel. It has a minimum firing range of 150m and a maximum of 4,000m. The warhead can penetrate 1,000 mm of rolled homogeneous armour (RHA), and 2,000mm of concrete. It can destroy targets as heavy tanks with reactive armour as well as infantry entrenched in an infrastructure. The MMP missile has a weight of 15 kg including the firing tub, a diameter of 140 mm and of 1.3 m in tactical canister.
MMP fifth generation medium range surface to surface missile system MBDA France French defense industry details 001
Missile of the MMP MBDA land combat missile system
Other Integration
The MMP is also candidates for integration on armored vehicles. The missile is slated to be paired with the unique CT40 turret on France’s future Jaguar EBRC wheeled light reconnaissance armored. In June 2014, at Eurosatory defense exhibition in Paris, French Company MBDA has showed MMP missile mounted on a model of Nexter’s CT40 40mm canon turret for IFVs, and mounted on MBDA’s MPCV wheeled patrol vehicle and missile carrier.
MMP fifth generation medium range surface to surface missile system MBDA France French defense industry details 005
MBDA MMP launcher station mounted on PVP light protected vehicle
Combat use
The MMP missile is network centric warfare (NCW)-compatible. The fire-and-forget mode of the missile will help to reduce fire-control burden. Once fired, communication between the missile and the firing unit relies on a fiber optic wire, allowing the operator to intervene with a manual override that’s almost impossible to jam. The man controlling the loop and lock-on after launch (LOAL) modes improves the precision strike capability of the missile, which can even be fired from inside a building. The firing sequence of the MMP is rapidly repeatable. As a medium missile, it needs to kill targets up to an including main battle tanks, while remaining effective in urban warfare scenarios that focus on reinforced buildings. Urban effectiveness has also driven a design that’s designed to be fired from confined spaces without any risks for the operator. The MMP can be used by a team of three soldiers, but the firing post is operated by a single operator. 
MMP fifth generation medium range surface to surface missile system MBDA France French defense industry details 003
The MBDA MMP anti-tank guided missile weapon system can be operated by a team of three soldiers. 


Type Firing unit weight
Medium Range Anti-tank surface-to-surface guided missile  15 kg
Country users Missile Weight
France 11 kg
Designer Country Diameter Misile
France 140mm
Accessories Range Missile
Latest generation IR band 2 and day camera, Laser range finder, GPS and digital magnetic compass 4,000 m
Operator Missile Dimensions
 1 to 3 1.3 m incanister

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MMP fifth generation medium range surface to surface missile system MBDA France French defense industry left side view 001 MMP fifth generation medium range surface to surface missile system MBDA France French defense industry right side view 001

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