Eurosatory 2022: Turkish company Otokar exhibits its ARMA series of armored vehicle

Otokar, Turkey’s global land systems manufacturer participates in Europe’s largest defense industry exhibition, Eurosatory 2022, on June 13-17, in Paris, France. During the 5-day exhibition, Otokar will promote its wheeled and tracked armored vehicles as well as its capabilities in land systems.
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Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
The ARMA 6x6 at Otokar's booth (Picture source: Army Recognition)

At Eurosatory Otokar displays multi-wheeled armored vehicles ARMA 6x6 and ARMA 8x8 with its own design MIZRAK Remotely Controlled Turret. The ARMA multi-wheeled vehicle range is a combat-proven IFV family and a modular platform for various missions. ARMA meets survivability, protection level, and mobility requirements of modern armies' in combat and peace keeping operations. In addition to its high combat weight and spacious interiors, the ARMA range also draws attention with its low silhouette. Thanks to an amphibious kit, the vehicle can swim in the water without any preparation and travel up to 8 kph.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Otokar's ARMA 8x8 at Eurosatory 2022 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

ARMA 8x8 vehicles are designed by considering future and present mission requirements. Vehicle architecture allows the integration of a wide range of mission equipment and specific turret systems. Basic monocoque type body and double-wall V-shaped hull structure provide exceptional protection to the crew against ballistic and mine threats. Modular armor kits providing different ballistic protection can be mounted rapidly to bolt-on armor and additional protection against higher threats can be provided optionally.

ARMA 8X8 has a 24,000 kg gross weight and carries a driver, commander and 10 personnel in its fully protected hull. ARMA 8x8 vehicles is transportable by rail, sea, and air (C-130 and larger aircraft).

ARMA can provide a high level of protection against ballistic and mine threats by means of a high hardness monocoque steel hull and all personnel is seated on individual mine-protected seats. The crew compartment has firing ports and bulletproof observation windows together with two roof hatches and the crew members can rapidly enter and leave the vehicle via one door in the rear.