Eurosatory 2022: Excalibur Army unveils Morana 155 mm self propelled gun howitzer

The Czech firm Excalibur Army is participating in the 2022 edition of Eurosatory, taking place from June 13th to June 17th. On this occasion, it unveiled the Morana 155 mm self-propelled gun-howitzer.
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Morana self-propelled gun-howitzer at Eurosatory 2022, Paris. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Morana self-propelled gun-howitzer is a sophisticated NATO standard artillery weapon with automatic aiming and loading system, designed for highly effective
support of ground forces.

Its reliable gun, advanced fire control system, cutting-edge computing, and diagnostics technology enable carrying out the combat tasks rapidly, effectively, and with a very high level of precision.

Tactical and combat characteristics 

Morana is designed for agile movement and quick fire support. Its systems allow for standard artillery battery integrated operation, but also for stand-alone task
performance or swift reaction in case initiative needs to be taken under changing circumstances.

Firing accuracy and effectivity

Morana features a 155 mm / 52 caliber primary weapon capable of reaching over 41 kilometers distance. The crew has forty-five carried rounds available
for their task completion.

Deployment and terrain capabilites

The howitzer is mounted on the latest TATRA four-axle central loading tube chassis. The patent-protected TATRA system is extremely durable, maintains perfect grip and reduces shock and torsion related wear when crossing uneven terrain.


The crew handles the whole system from within the protected modular EA Puma cabin that is certified for STANAG 4569 Level 2 against both ballistic and landmine threats. The cabin is pressurized and the air intake is fitted with NBC filters.

Emergency capabilities

Morana can fire at enemy positions, structures and static or even moving vehicles directly in case of emergency. Direct fire is available to the crew within a range of 5 kilometers, 3 at night. An integrated secondary weapon offers extra protection and firepower to the crew for close engagement and low altitude UAVs.


The TREVA-30 is a special vehicle designed for the recovery of stranded equipment and other objects, their handling, removal of damaged equipment, evacuation and rescue work, crane work, engineering terrain modifications and removal of obstacles for the needs of recovery and rescue work.

Conceptually and generationally, it is a completely new piece of Czech made recovery machinery. The vehicle is equipped with a winch that has a basic pull of 25 tonnes and a 2-reel crane with a lifting capacity of 30 tonnes.

The crane can be used alone and for the purpose of extrication, multi-point recovery or recovery over an obstacle. It uses a hydraulic fork installed in the rear of the vehicle to move cars, armoured wheeled vehicles and other equipment. The vehicle is equipped with an armoured four-door cab that can accommodate not only the driver and operator, but also the crew of the towed vehicle.

Auxiliary winch

Stored on a crane turntable driven by its own hydraulic motor. The auxiliary winch is used to transport the rope of the main winch to the object to be recovered and to transport the pulleys during the assembly of the pulley system.

Suspended towing device

A hydraulically operated suspended towing device is located in the rear of the vehicle and allows 12 tons of perpendicularly directed suspension force, enough to recover heavy 8x8 military vehicles.


The Karancho is a cradle mount for the 14.5 mm KPVT heavy machine gun with variable mounting options - either a single leg adaptor for use on pick-up trucks or boats, or a tripod for use by infantry in their defensive positions. Optionally a pintle mount can also be offered.

The Karancho gun mount is equipped with a recoil limiting mechanism and shoulder supports for the shooter, which ensure high stability during firing. The weapon mount is equipped with mechanical sights and additionally it is equipped with a standard Picatinny rail that can be used for mounting of a hardened red dot sight or any accessory preferred by the user.

For best stability and performance the Picatinny rail is mounted in the rear part of the gun, in place of the electromagnet, which is therefore not used and the KPVT is operated via a manual trigger and does not need batteries.