Eurosatory 2018: EODH new innovative products selected for the Leopard and Boxer programmes

Stelios Kanavakis

Senior Defence Analyst

EODH from Greece showcased its wide range of products during the Eurosatory 2018 exhibition. The company produces armour and protection packages for vehicle platforms, as well as anti-mine/blast seats, based on its extensive know-how from the participation in international and national projects, including the manufacturing of the Hellenic Army Leopard 2A6 HEL.

EODH new innovative products selected for the Leopard and Boxer programmes 
EODH's new anti-blast seat, where a model showcased the Gladius future soldier system. (Picture source EODH)

During Eurosatory 2018, it was confirmed that EODH would take part in the German Army programme for 104 KNDS Leopard 2A7V. Of the 104 MBTs, 68 would be upgrades from the “2A4” and 16 from the “2A6” versions, while the remaining 20 will be newly built units. EODH will supply the packages for the MBTs improved armour, having also been qualified from the German Ministry of Defence.

Moreover, it was also confirmed that EODH would be the preferred supplier of armour packages for the KNDS Boxer wheeled armoured vehicles that will be produced in the future. The armies of Germany, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Australia, United Kingdom and Slovenia have selected the platform.

On the occasion of Eurosatory 2018, EODH showcased for the first time a full-scale mock-up of its new, anti-blast seat for armoured vehicles. The innovative design offers a series of advantages both in the vehicle adjustment and shock-absorption mechanism, as well as in the belt system that further minimizes secondary wounds in the soldiers’ spinal cord and shoulders.

In addition, EODH presented for the first time its latest multi-layered armour, which will be used in the future armoured vehicles. It is lightweight and modular, offering protection from STANAG 4569 Level IV up to Level VI+.

Along with the multi-layered armour, EODH presented also for the first time its in-house developed, signature management system. It is an innovative product that has a unique design and uses special material, which reduce the optical and thermal signature, as well as the Radar Cross Section signal to radars.

All of the above elements are part of the integrated ASPIS (Advanced Shielding Platform Integrated System) currently under development. The system will include a series of sensors and countermeasures, both passive and active, to counter modern threats, with all of them integrated on an automatic control system.

Other products presented at the EODH stand were its transparent (glass) armour, ceramic material of high density and resistance, and delamination liners for vehicles.