Rohde & Schwarz highlights wide range of secure communications solutions

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Eurosatory 2016
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, France
13 - 17 June 2016
Rohde and Schwarz at Eurosatory 2016
Rohde & Schwarz highlights wide range of secure communications solutions
Rohde & Schwarz offers technologically leading systems for secure communications throughout all branches of the armed forces. At Eurosatory 2016, the company presents its solutions that help ensure the national information superiority, interoperability between the armed forces and seamless communications between different national forces.
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The IP-based radios enable the versatile use of innovative waveforms for voice and data transmissions. The portable reconnaissance systems from Rohde & Schwarz quickly provide precise situational awareness on site.

As a leading tactical communications provider, Rohde & Schwarz presents its solutions for superior, interoperable communications at Eurosatory in Paris from June 13 to 17, 2016. The deployment of modern communications technologies requires that national data be protected. At the same time, it must be possible to establish reliable and flexible communications channels between the various branches of different armed forces and nations. Today's software defined radios (SDR) from Rohde & Schwarz offer outstanding communications properties in vehicles, as handheld devices and in airborne platforms.

Ensuring the information superiority of the armed forces and of combined international missions requires communications solutions that ensure interoperability through the use of modern IP technology and sophisticated waveforms. These waveforms are implemented in the form of software for modern radio equipment. Such innovative waveforms allow radios to serve as network-capable, high data rate, jam-resistant radio network nodes. The support of standardized Internet protocols (IP) enables simple integration into existing networks. Voice and data can be transmitted simultaneously. Operational flexibility is enhanced by adding the capability to set up mobile ad hoc networks (MANET). MANETs are self-configuring networks of mobile radios. Each radio network node in a MANET also acts as a router and is able to maintain its radio link via other radios in the network if needed.

Rohde & Schwarz was responsible for developing the joint radio system of the German Armed Forces (SVFuA). Based on the internationally recognized Software Communications Architecture (SCA), waveforms from other manufacturers were ported to the SVFuA for the first time as part of this lighthouse project. In addition, Rohde & Schwarz also integrated various NATO-standardized waveforms into the radio using the appropriate development environments.

Application-specific reconnaissance systems are required in order to create comprehensive situational awareness of the mission scenario. Rohde & Schwarz offers portable solutions for applications requiring mobile direction finding and location of radio signals in any terrain. At Eurosatory, the company will be showing a man-portable reconnaissance system that combines accurate direction finding with wideband monitoring, for example. The system's exceptional sensitivity offers broad coverage even in dense signal environments. Rohde & Schwarz reconnaissance systems are deployed worldwide in mobile and stationary applications on land as well as in naval and airborne platforms. They include individually adaptable solutions for signal detection, direction finding, location and signal processing.