Eurosatory 2016: Instalaza showcased its confined spaces A/T munition CS C90

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Eurosatory 2016: Instalaza showcased its confined spaces A/T launcher C90
At the Spanish Pavilion in Eurosatory 2016, Instalaza showcased at the European markets its latest version of its C90 family of short-range anti-tank ammunition. The disposable launcher, which has been designed in cooperation with the Ministry of Defence, is capable of being fired in confined spaces. 

 Eurosatory 2016 Instalaza showcased its confined spaces AT launcher C90

The Instalaza Confined Spaces C90 short-range, anti-tank munition at the Spanish Pavilion in Eurosatory 2016 (Photo: Army Recognition)


The anti-tank munition has a diameter of 90mm. It is integrated inside a resin-made launch tube, which is disposed after use.

CS C90 design allows its user to fire it from confined spaces, such as buildings, rooms or other places where the backblast could inflict personnel casualties and material damages.

The munitions are offered in three different versions. Namely, the C90-RB-CS armour penetrating; the C90-AM-CS high fragmentation and the C90-BK-CS with thermobaric effects against bunkers. All launchers can be used at night with the integration of the VN38-C or any other type of night-vision sensor.