Diehl Defence : Transforming the AIM-9 Sidewinder

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Diehl Defence at Eurosatory 2014
Thursday, July 10, 2014 04:03 PM
Diehl Defence : Transforming the AIM-9 Sidewinder

Diehl Defence has presented two new products, indicative of a business model that follows the need for smart spending, commonality of systems and precision targeting.


New Air-to-Surface version of the AIM-9L Sidewinder

The LaGS or Laser Guided Sidewinder, is the Air-to-Surface version of the well known AIM-9L Sidewinder. Currently in service with many countries around the world, the conversion kit developed by Diehl can provide a trustworthy solution, with a minimal logistical footrpint, being a strong competitor in the highly competitive market of small guided munitions.


The conversion kit consists of a semi-active laser that can be easily integrated on the existing missiles, without any modification on the platform. The LaGS can be launched from manned or unmanned platforms, for operations throughout the day, against fixed or static, ground or naval targets. The missile can hit the target with a CEP of almost 1m and can be launched outside the flight envelope of enemy MANPADS.


Army Recognition has learned that the cost of the conversion is in the range of EUR 30,000. The missile is still under development and is planned to become operational in 2015.


The second product presented from Diehl Defence was the GILA (Guided Intelligent Light Armament) rocket. It is a 70mm air-to-surface laser guided rocket, based on the Elbit/ATK GATR and developed as a joint venture programme between Diehl and Elbit.


The rocket is being under development for a soon to be announced German Army procurement programme to arm its Tiger helicopters and as Army Recognition has learned, it will become operational in 2016.


The weapon features a semi-active laser seeker and has been optimized for asymmetric scenarios in urban terrain, as it features a man-in-the-loop capability. The latter gives the capability to abort the mission should it be deemed necessary.


Thanks to its multi-function warhead (with impact or delayed blast), it can neutralize stationary or moving, ground or naval targets, including bunkers or light armoured vehicles, at distances up to 7 km.

by Stylianos Kanavakis

Senior Defence Analyst