Morakniv showcases its tactical knives at Enforce TAC 2018

At Enforce Tac, International Exhibition & Conference for Law Enforcement, Security and Tactical Solutions (held from 7 - 8 March 2018, in Nuremberg, Germany) Morakniv, a Swedish company showcases its range of tactical knives.

MoraKniv Enforce TAC 925 003
The Morakniv 'Mora' 2000, in use in the Swedish Army. (Credit Morakniv)

Founded in 1891, Morakniv is the only knives manufacturer with its entire production in Sweden. Morakniv is the knife of choice for units in Scandinavia, Estonia, Latvia and in UK. These customers recognize that a reliable knife is vital for their soldiers. Moravnik pay a great attention to military users, wich gives interesting advantage in the product development phase.

Among the Knives showcased on the Morakniv's booth at Enforce TAC, the Morakniv 2000, is in use in the Swedish Army since many years.

The Mora 2000 is a first class all-round knife with profile grinding on the blade. It is made of high quality stainless steel, hardened and treated in the factory in Mora. It has a patterned friction grip made of TPE rubber. The polymer knife sheath has an adaptable leather strap so the knife is always close at hand in your belt or backpack.

The Survival Black, is used by units in UK such as the RAF. It has a sharp blade with a defined tip, an integrated fire starter, and a diamond sharpener. The 3.2 mm thick blade in carbon steel has a black DLC coating, which protects it from rust and prevents reflections from the blade. The spine of the blade has been specially ground so that it can be used with the fire starter.

MoraKniv Enforce TAC 925 002The Morakniv Survival Black, used by units of the Royal Air Force (Credit Morakniv)