Enforce TAC: RotorKonzept showcases its range of multicopters UAVs

At Enforce Tac 2018, the International Exhibition for Law Enforcement, Security and Tactical Solutions in Nuremberg, RotorKonzept a German company displays its Multicopter UAVs: The Surveillor S and the Octocopter RKM 8x.

RotorKonzept Enforce TAC 925 001
The RotorKonzept Surveillor S

RotorKonzept is a young and innovative company based in Germany, specialized in the development and production of multicopters.

One of the UAVs showcased at the show is the Surveillor S. It is an highly effective tool for close range aerial surveillance. Equipped with an EO and IR camera, the Surveillor S can be used during day and night. With its low weight and compact dimensions in combinaison with its detachable arms, the UAV can be easily transported in a backpack.

The Surveillor S is easy to use and can be effectively operated in stressful situations by a wide circle of users. The Surveillor S has a weight of about 2.8 kg and a flight endurance of 40 minutes. It can operate in a 2000m radius.

The other UAV displayed is the Octocopter RKM 8x, this UAV is powered by 8 rotors and can also be used for surveillance missions.

RotorKonzept Enforce TAC 925 002
The Octocopter RKM 8x