EDEX 2021: SAS Technology showcases SARISA SRS-1A UAV

SPIRIT WORLD GROUP established it is unmanned systems technology subsidiary Spirit Aeronautical Systems Ltd., (SAS) in July 2020. The firm showcases during EDEX 2021, it's SARISA SRS-1A Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

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SARISA SRS-1A Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Sarisa is a heavyweight multirotor UAV with a max takeoff weight of approx. 60kg. It has a payload that can reach approx. 25kg.

The basic SARISA tactical configuration is with the twin rocket launcher rack for the 2.75-inch diameter HYDRA 70 rockets, that can be fitted with a variety of warheads.

Hydra is widely used by NATO armed forces usually carried by light attack fighters or helicopters as the AH-64 Apache.

This particular configuration gives army ground units the capability to carry with them, on a light vehicle, a system that can cover a significant part of their CAS mission requirements.

Flight time depends on the payload, and on the mission circumstances. In any case, SARISA delivers continuous flight of 20 minutes carrying max payload.