New ARS Ural decontamination truck introduced at EDEX 2018

At EDEX 2018, being held from 3-5 December in Cairo, the Egyptian engineering company Abikir Engineering Industries Co. is presenting a new equipment, weapons and terrain decontamination vehicle, dubbed ARS Ural.

decontamination vehicle picture 001
The ARS Ural decontamination truck showcased at EDEX 2018
(Picture source Army Recognition)

The decontamination equipment are mounted on an Ural 10 tons heavy duty military vehicle. It can be efficiently used to decontaminate all equipment, weapons, and terrain against chemical, biological and radioactive contaminants.

It can decontaminate the lower and higher parts of the vehicle, and higher distance places. It also decontaminates the electronic equipment and the electric circuits.

The ARS Ural can perform its missions with three different systems. It may clean 12-14 equipments per hour by using brushes, or 8-10 equipment per hour by using decontamination guns, or 10-12 equipments per hour by using decontamination rifles. The ARS Ural can clean a strip of 3.5-4 m width at a velocity of 5 to 10 km/h.

The whole decontamination system is powered by a 15 KVA generator electrical power.

The vehicle has a tank capacity of 6 tons. All hoses used to transfer decontamination solutions are made according to EN 12115:2011.