EDEX 2018: New Serbian 267-122mm MLRS multi-caliber launch rocket system

The Serbian State Defense Company Yugoimport presents its new 267/122mm Multi-Caliber Rocket Launcher System at EDEX 2018, the first Egypt defense exhibition that was held in Egypt from the 3 to 5 December 2018. The new artillery system is based on a 8x8 Kamaz 6560 military truck chassis.

New Serbian 267 122mm multi caliber launch rocket system EDEX 2018 Egypt Defense Exhibition 925 001
Scale model of Serbian Yugoimport 267/122mm MLRS Multi-Caliber Launch Rocket System at EDEX 2018, Egypt Defense Exhibition in Cairo, December 2018. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The new 122/267mmm Multi-Caliber Launch Rocket System (MLRS) is designed to be a modular artillery system thanks to the possibility to use rockets pods that can fire 267mm rockets and also all types of 122mm rockets. The MLRS vehicle has a weight of 35,000 kg.

The design of the vehicle is similar to the Czech RM-70, that consists of a armored version of the KAMAZ 8x8 military truck fitted with two launcher pods for 25 122mm rockets as the Russian 122 mm BM-21 MLRS located the rear of the hull and two additional packs of 25 122 mm rockets to the rear of the cab for rapid loading. The two pods of 122mm rockets can be replaced by to rows of six 267mm launcher tubes. It has a maximum firing range of 40 km with 122mm rockets and 70 km with 267mm rockets.

The rockets can be launched in single fire or in salvo with variable time intervals from 0.8 to 4 seconds.

Main advantages of the new 267/122 MLRS are its rapid reloading capability, complete armour protection for the crew from small arms fire and shell splinters and much improved cross-country mobility. The time in and out of action is 90 seconds.

The launchers pods are mounted on turntable which has a traverse of 110° and elevation from 3° to 60°. The crew cabin accommodates three military personnel. All fire operations are operated from inside of the crew cabin, but the launch can also be operated remotely by one soldier with an electric remote control connected to the vehicle.

Standard equipment of the 122/267mmm Multi-Caliber Launch Rocket System includes firing control system, INS (Inertial Navigation System) and GPS (Global Positioning System). In firing position, two hydraulic jacks are lowered on the ground on each side of the truck chassis to provide a more stable firing platform.

New Serbian 267 122mm multi caliber launch rocket system EDEX 2018 Egypt Defense Exhibition 925 002