Senop Lilly next generation of smart handheld thermal imager at DSEI 2017

Senop, a part of Patria, launches a smart handheld thermal imager Senop LILLY at the DSEI 2017 defense exhibition in London, United Kingdom. Senop LILLY is the next step in the evolution of multifunctional thermal imagers.

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Lilly smart handeld thermal imager

The new device LILLY was developed based on user feedback of Senop's renowned LISA target acquisition and observation system. Rather than just simplifying the existing LISA design or creating incremental modifications, Senop decided to develop a completely new lightweight product, LILLY.

Our goal was to create a multifunctional hand-held thermal imager that fits urban operations and is designed for use by special forces and reconnaissance units. At an early stage we received information from our customers that its maximum weight should be 1.5 kg in working order to ensure ergonomics in long operations, says Mika Räty, Senop's Managing Director.

After numerous hours of product development, we are now happy to say that LILLY is small from the outside, but large on the inside. When it comes to performance, coupled to being lightweight, our LILLY really sets the standard.

Its main structures are made of highly durable and lightweight composite material. As a result, LILLY weighs less than 1.5 kg in working order. LILLY´s ergonomics have been designed for easy and comfortable use.

Ergonomic design, together with low weight makes using LILLY comfortable during continuous observation for long time periods.

Senop Lilly next generation of smart handheld thermal imager at DSEI 2017 640 003
Lilly smart handeld thermal imager

LILLY has exceptional situational awareness capabilities for day and night-time use. It carries an uncooled thermal imager combined with a direct view optical channel. This ensures the best possible performance at any light level and in all environmental conditions with minimal power consumption. Overall energy management is also designed to meet and exceed the needs of today’s operations.

The direct view day channel is equipped with a high resolution day camera for images and videos and it is usable in power off mode.

A wide field of view gives the user a good view of their surroundings. High end thermal core together with high precision IR-optics gives good detection ranges and accuracy.

Internal memory capacity can store over 100 000 images with target information or several hours of video recordings. Images are always captured when a target is measured. Images can also be captured without making active measurements (LRF OFF). Video recordings can be made with both channels. All saved images and videos can be exported to external devices (such as PC).

In addition to local operation, LILLY supports advanced information and situational awareness sharing. It can be connected to different C4I systems using either a cable or wireless connection.

In addition to commercial and military battery and vehicle usage, LILLY´s external power source can be connected to several advanced power sources such as solar panels andfuel cellsto meet 24/7 usability.