SAAB introduces vehicle-based MSHORAD system at DSEI 2017

Swedish Company Saab presents for the first time ever at an exhibtion, the vehicle-based MSHORAD (Mobile Short Range Air Defense) solution - comprising the Giraffe 1X radar, Command and Control (C2) and RBS 70 NG Remote Weapon Station (RWS). The system is displayed at Saab’s stand, N2-230, at DSEI 2017, defense exhibition in London, United Kingdom.

SAAB introduces vehicle based MSHORAD system at DSEI 2017 001
Saab's new MSHORAD system at DSEi 2017

Where the market demands on-the-move air defense protection against agile and hard to detect targets, Saab has responded with the MSHORAD system, which combines world-class surveillance capabilities with the rapid ability to counter those threats.

The 3D short range Giraffe 1X provides 360-degree surveillance coverage at a range of 75 km, generating data to a C2 communication system for swift analysis and action coordination. With an effective intercept range of 9 km, the high precision RBS 70 NG RWS, with its multiple missile launcher, ensures coverage from ground level up to an altitude of 5 km, launching unjammable, laser-guided missiles with a high hit probability. Together as MSHORAD, the solution gives forces the ability to see and counter multiple threats while defending nearby joint forces.

"With most modern battlefields seeing an increasing variety of airborne threats, MSHORAD provides the coverage needed in complex and challenging settings. We offer an in-house solution from a company that really understands ground based air defence, customer needs and excels at system integration." says Anders Linder, head of business unit Surface Radar Solutions within Saab’s business area Surveillance.

"Mobile air defence brings major advantages when armed forces are on the move. As a true mobile system, MSHORAD gives customers' maximum operational flexibility and provides outstanding situational awareness and defensive cover on the move," says Stefan Öberg, head of business unit Missile Systems within Saab’s business area Dynamics.