DSA 2022: Today opening of the largest defense and security exhibition in Asia

Today March 28, 2022, opened the DSA and NATSEC 2022 defense and security exhibition that takes place in Malaysia. For four days, Kuala Lumpur is the global center of the world for defense and security with around 1,150 exhibitors from all continents. Army Recognition is the Official Online Show Daily News and Web TV for these events. Follow us to read the latest news and video reports about DSA and NATSEC 2022.

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The opening of DSA and NATSEC 2022 was attended by the King of Malaysia and the Malaysian Ministry of Defense. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Events over the last decade have demonstrated that DSA and NATSEC Asia are still relevant in promoting lasting peace in the region. It is the ideal platform to promote a better understanding of challenges, issues, and problems; as a stage to forge multilateral cooperation between nations to meet common challenges; and as a place for productive, meaningful dialogue.

“It is important that DSA continues, albeit safely, in a new normal, as it provides a solid and credible platform for various governments and military forces to come together and strengthen relations, in the interest of promoting greater regional and international cooperation,” said Dato’ Seri Hishammuddin Bin Tun Hussein, Senior Minister of Defence, Malaysia.

In providing security and law enforcement agencies with the latest technologies, tools and solutions to combat adversaries and the proliferation of transborder crimes in an age of multi-domain threats and asymmetric conflicts, DSA and NATSEC Asia is forever pushing the technological boundaries. As a marketplace for the latest in defense and security hardware, it is second to none, and its value cannot be overstated.

“Events like Defence Services Asia 2022 and National Security Asia 2022 are crucial for us as they bring together the best of both worlds under one event. We will not only be able to witness military technological breakthroughs but also be exposed to what is trending in the world of national security. Both components are pivotal for us in exploring advancements that can help us improve our defense and security,” said Dato’ Seri Hamzah Bin Zainudin, Minister of Home Affairs, Malaysia.

Over the years, DSA has been instrumental in establishing relations between nations grappling with the same security issues and challenges. It has resulted in numerous collaborations across a wide variety of fields.

“I sincerely believe that DSA and NATSEC Asia 2022 will prevail as the gathering where uncommon challenges will be addressed by common collaborations, bearing extraordinary results for global and regional peace. I hope that all participants and delegates will fully utilize these unique platforms to tap into their resources, technologies, and knowledge available in the interest of preserving and advancing our collective global defense and security capabilities,” said General Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Haji Affendi Bin Buang, RMAF, Chief of Defence Forces, Malaysia.

Another one of DSA’s beneficiaries is the region’s police forces. DSA serves as a platform for inter-agency cooperation, especially in the area of combating transborder crime. DSA’s contribution to fostering better relations among the many police forces in the region is immeasurable.

“Platforms like Defence Services Asia and National Security Asia 2022 are pivotal, as they are able to foster a greater understanding among police forces within the region, and beyond, to combat transborder crimes. This platform also provides an opportunity for us to connect with various stakeholders around the region and provide the perfect opportunity for us to update our technological capabilities to enable us to effectively deal with criminal activities, wherever they may operate from,” said Tan Sri Acryl Sani Bin Haji Abdullah Sani, Inspector-General of Police of Malaysia.

Clearly, DSA and NATSEC Asia have evolved over the years, taking into account the varied and extensive nature of threats and challenges facing nations around the world. It has kept pace with these threats and will do so for the foreseeable future.