Shvabe highlights latest electro-optical technologies at DSA 2018

The Shvabe Holding is taking part in the 16th International Asian Exhibition and Conference of Systems and Services in the Defense Industry DSA 2018. The booth of Rosoboronexport will feature sighting and observation equipment, optical materials for space exploration, devices for security systems.

schvabe russia at DSA 2018 001
Shvabe's booth at DSA 2018

In Malaysia, Shvabe is showcasing about 30 items intended for the aerospace, ground forces and naval forces. The key exhibits are: a lightweight mirror and silicon carbide plates for space technology, binoculars, a high-tech SWIR camera operating in the short-wave infrared range.

“Southeast Asia is one of the five leading export markets, the most attractive for the supply of high-tech products. This is confirmed by the fact that Malaysia that hosts one of the world's largest specialized exhibitions on defense and security of the world on its territory. With this country we are connected by many years of successful cooperation, which began with the delivery of a large batch of modern night vision devices. At DSA 2018, the Holding intends to strengthen its position in the region. To date, a number of negotiations are planned, the results of which may have a significant impact on the development of foreign economic activities with respect to dual-use products,” said Dmitry Zhidkov, Deputy Director General of Shvabe.

In the zone of space Shvabe will demonstrate a mirror and plates of silicon carbide. This promising material for the aerospace industry has high specific rigidity, strength and thermal conductivity. Also at the stand, Shvabe shows mirrors from a high-strength glass with various types of relief structure.

A line of binoculars are presented devices with image stabilization, a wide angular field of view, functions for measuring horizontal and vertical angles, as well as with image intensifier 2+ for night observation. Shvabe also presents its SWIR-camera, which can see in fog and smoke, detect camouflaged objects and a street IP-camera with IR illumination, which allows you to monitor objects in the light and dark. Also on the stand there is placed newest examples of aiming equipment, night vision devices, dosimetric instruments for operational monitoring of radiation situation.

The DSA exhibition and conference is held once every two years under the patronage of the Ministry of Defense and Police of Malaysia. In 2016, about 1,200 companies from more than 60 countries took part in the event, over 42,000 people from 40 different countries attended. Within the exhibition, six enterprises of the Schwabe Holding are presenting their products: the Vologda Optical-Mechanical Plant, SA Zvereva, Lytkarinsky Optical Glass Plant, as well as Zagorsk Optical and Mechanical Plant, NGO Orion and the State Institute of Applied Optics.