Otokar from Turkey promotes its Cobra II 4x4 armored at DSA 2018 in Malaysia

Turkish Company Otokar promotes its Cobra II 4x4 armoured vehicle personnel carrier for the Asian military market at DSA 2018, the Tri-Services Defense and Security Exhibition which take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Cobra II COBRA II was unveiled for the first time in May 2013 during a defense exhibition in Turkey.

Otokar from Turkey promotes its Cobra II 4x4 armored at DSA 2018 in Malaysia 925 001
Otokar Cobra II 4x4 armoured vehicle personnel carrier at DSA 2018, the International Tri-Services Defense and Security Exhibition in Malaysia. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Cobra II has been designed by the Otokar R&D team and built on the pevious version of the COBRA armoured vehicle which is currently in service with many military and security forces all over the world. Designed according to evolving needs and the demands of the existing users base spread over five continents, COBRA II has the same mobility as the COBRA I, but features a higher carrying capacity and a higher internal volume.

The hull of the Cobra II provides protection against firing of small arms 7.62mm caliber and artillery shell splinters. The bottom of the crew compartment is fitted with a removable parabolic-shaped plate for deflection of blast. The armour of the vehicle also protects the crew from mine blast and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The Cobra II has an overall length of 5.6m, width of 2.5m and height of 2.2m. The wheelbase and ground clearance of the vehicle are 3.5m and 400mm respectively, while the gross vehicle weight is 12,000kg. It can accomodate 9 military personnel including driver and commander.

The Cobra II is motorized with a 6.7L, six-cylinder, water cooled, turbo charged diesel engine coup;led to an automatic gearbox with six forward and one reverse gear. It can reach a maximum road speed of 110 km/h and has a maximum cruising range of 700 km.

The Cobra II can be fitted with manual standard turret or remotely controlled weapon station which can be armed with machine gun or automatic cannon up to 25mm caliber.

In June 2016, Otokar has signed a contract with the Turkish government to supply an unspecified number of Cobra II armoured vehicle to the Turkish army and internal security forces. The Cobra II has been used by the Turkish armed forces during combat operations near the Syrian border.