DSA 2018: Tecmash displays artillery rounds and close combat weapons

Tecmash Concern of Rostec State Corporation is participating in the international DSA-2018 arms show in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The display features air bombs, artillery rounds, close combat weapons, projectiles to salvo fire systems, etc., the company said.

Tecmash at DSA 2018 001

"The exhibits include unguided air missile S-80FP. It is designed to destroy single and group targets of non-armored and light-armored hardware and surface warships. It boasts unprecedented characteristics in effectiveness, operational reliability and safety. The range is up to 6 km," it said.

Tecmash also displays multirole RMG jet grenade with disposable launcher. Its tactical and technical characteristics surpass world analogues. The grenade is designed to destroy crews of light armor, as well as troops and weapons of the adversary on open terrain and in field fortifications, bunkers, city and rural buildings.

Air weapons are represented by fuel-air explosive ODAB-500PMV bomb which is superior to all existing similar arms of the given caliber. It hits industrial premises, vulnerable hardware and troops. It can also clear antipersonnel and antitank minefields. The bomb can be dropped from various altitudes by frontline aircraft and helicopters.

Tecmash also displays artillery rounds, including 152mm ZVOF58 fragmentation high-explosive shell and adjustable charge to 2A65 howitzer and self-propelled 2S19 artillery gun. They destroy artillery and mortar batteries, air defense, tactical missile launchers, armored weapons of motorized infantry and tank units, troops, field fortifications and other defense facilities.