Raht laser anti-drone system unveiled by Ruselectronics at Army 2020

Ruselectronics unveiled its Raht system that can detect drones up to 3.5 km away and destroy them within a radius of up to 2.5 km.
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Raht anti-drone system unveiled by Ruselectronic (Picture source: Rostec)

The system is created on the basis of a special armored vehicle. It consists of a radar station, a system of automatic recognition and suppression of telecommunication channels, a directional ultra-high frequency suppression system and directed laser destruction system.

The entire equipment is integrated into a single intelligent system. Once the data from the detection and surveillance tools enter central control panel, the system will block the drone's communications and satellite navigation channels, and will offer the operator several options for further action. The Armed Forces, Federal National Guard Troops (Rosgvardiya), police and other security and law enforcement agencies are potential customers for the system.