Chinese army participates to Kavkaz-2020 strategic exercise in Astrakhan

On September 11, two Y-20 transport aircraft carrying the first echelon of Chinese troops participating in the Kavkaz-2020 strategic exercise landed in the Astrakhan Region, Russia. Wang Xueyu and Yang Xiaobo report on China Military Online.
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Chinese Y-20 transport aircraft and Russian Mi-26 used to transport PLA's participants to Kavkaz-2020 strategic exercise in Astrakhan (Picture source: China Military Online)

The Chinese participating troops took off from Urumqi, passed through the airspace of Kazakhstan, and landed at a military airport in Russia’s Astrakhan Region on September 11. Aterwards, they were brought to the exercise venue by Russian helicopters and transport vehicles.

To take part in the joint exercise of multinational forces in Russia, all Chinese troops involved were sent by aircraft in point-to-point force delivery in two echelons to the designated exercise area. The first participating contingent flew to the scheduled airport in Russia on two new type domestically developed transport aircraft along with various weapons and equipment as well as some necessary materials including materials for medical treatment and epidemic prevention and basic living necessities. This is a brand-new experience, effectively testing Chinese military’s capacity in transnational fixed-point delivery for long distance.