British Royal Marines Commandos select Cordura Nyco for uniform

Chosen for its durability and high-performance characteristics, Cordura NYCO fabric is being used to produce the next generation of highly advanced uniforms for the Royal Marines Commandos, designed and manufactured by Crye Precision and distributed by Level Peaks in a contract with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency.
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 British Royal Marines choose Cordura NYCO fabric for new combat kit (Picture source: Cordura)

The British renowned Royal Marines Commandos are one of the toughest and most elite forces in the world, operating from polar regions to the tropics and every place in between. From their daring raids on occupied-Europe during World War II, right up to the present day, they have been the spearhead for military action on a global scale and their exploits have won them an awesome and well-deserved reputation.

The Cordura fabric used in the new uniforms they are now being issued is as part of the Future Commando Force initiative. The new uniform comprises individual Combat and Field ensembles all made from Crye Precision’s comfort weave MultiCam VTX Ripstop stretch Cordura NYCO fabric using Invista’s T420HT high tenacity nylon 6,6 fibre blended with cotton. The uniform is printed with Crye Precision’s MultiCam camo patternby 1947 LLC through an exclusive international manufacturing license agreement.

Along with delivering the enhanced durability required for the Commandos in action, this fabric is a foundation for a new uniform that is lighter weight, has comfort stretch, has higher tear-strength, is
faster-drying and is more breathable than typical 50/50 nylon/cottonuniform kit.Meaning it can be trusted and relied on in the most extreme and hostile environments on earth - from frozen wastes to jungle and deserts. The Royal Marines uniform has been designed and engineered by a company with unrivalled in-depth knowledge of the specific demands of combat and tactical operations.

The new uniforms are supplied by Level Peaks under its five-year contract with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency. This British company describes its central objective as the introduction of more effective, integrated uniform systems.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news

G4 MultiCam Field Kit by Crye Precision made with stretch Cordura NYCO ripstop (Picture source: Cordura)