Sweden to send record-breaking military and humanitarian aid package to Ukraine worth USD 287Mn

On November 16, 2022, the Swedish government announced it is coming forward with a winter package for Ukraine. The package is the largest to date and includes military and humanitarian support as well as support for the rehabilitation of critical infrastructure.
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Contextual illustration. The RBS 23 is a Swedish medium-range, all-weather capable air defense system developed by Bofors and Ericsson Microwave Systems (now both in the Saab group) (Picture source: Saab)

The military aid package is larger than all the previous eight aid packages of military equipment combined, and the humanitarian package is the largest sent so far: ‘’We are now sending a record-breaking support package to Ukraine, both humanitarian and military. The defense of Ukraine's freedom is the most decisive foreign policy task of our time’’, says Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson.

The new military support package is planned to contain a qualified weapon system for air defense including qualified ammunition, as well as qualified ammunition for additional air defense systems, personal all-terrain vehicles, personal equipment including winter equipment and body protection, aiming devices, tents and masking nets.

The content of the planned military support package amounts to a sum of approximately three billion kroner ($286.98 million). This is one billion more than the sum of all previous aid packages with military equipment combined (about two billion).

The new humanitarian and emergency aid support covers Ukraine and Moldova and amounts to approximately SEK 720 million. The aid will contribute to helping Ukraine and Moldova get through a winter that, by all accounts, will be tough for the countries. It will help the most vulnerable with access to food, water and sanitation, winter equipment, blankets and heat sources. The support will also help to start laying a foundation for the huge rebuilding work of community infrastructure that awaits in Ukraine.

The emergency aid package will be paid out through well-established partners to Sweden such as the WFP, the World Bank and the Red Cross movement. It takes the form of central grants earmarked specifically for efforts in Ukraine.