Sweden to renovate Stridsfordon 90A CV90A tracked armored IFVs

According to a Tweet published on November 1, 2021, by Mikael Frisell, Director Landsystems at the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV), Sweden has signed a contract with HB Development AB to renovate Stridsfordon 90A (CV90A) tracked armored IFVs (Infantry Fighting Vehicles).
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Swedish army CV9040A tracked armored IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle. (Picture source Armed Conflict Blog)

In March 2016, it was announced that BAE Systems has secured a contract to upgrade the Swedish Army’s fleet of CV90 infantry fighting vehicles (IFV). Under a modernization program aimed at increasing the vehicles’ lifespan, the company will upgrade the survivability, turrets, and combat system performance of 262 CV90 armored combat vehicles.

The CV90 is a family of Swedish tracked combat vehicles designed by FMV, BAE Systems Hägglunds, and BAE Systems Weapons Systems, with more than 4 million engineering hours contributing to the development of this advanced Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). The Swedish version of the IFV is outfitted with a turret equipped with a 40 mm automatic cannon.

The main armament of the CV9040 includes a 40 mm Bofors Defence 40/70B cannon with the ammunition being fed from underneath and the empty cartridge cases ejected out of the roof. The 40 mm gun can be aimed and fired by the commander or gunner selecting single shots at 60 rds/min, or automatic with 300 rds/min cyclic rate of fire. Maximum effective ranges are 2,000 m for ground targets and 4,000 m for air targets

According to the Military Balance edition 2020, the Swedish army has a total of 350 CV9040, which is a CV90 fitted with a two-man turret armed with one 40mm automatic cannon. The gun can fire single shots or salvos of 4 or 8 rounds, with an automatic rate of fire of 5 rounds/sec.

The C9040A features many new improvements to increase firepower and to allow for firing on the move. In addition to turret modifications, more storage and better emergency exits reduced the number of seats in the troop compartment to seven.

The CV9040 can be recognized with the addition of a damping cylinder on the turret front that reduced gun oscillations during movement.