Denmark to offer USD250 million additional military aid package to Ukrainian army

According to a statement from the Danish Ministry of Defense, citing the decision of the Foreign Policy Committee of May 2 and echoed by, Denmark has pledged to provide Ukraine with its largest aid package yet, worth DKK 1.7 billion (approximately $250 million). This decision was made by the Foreign Policy Committee on May 2nd, and will include vehicles and materiel, air defense and ammunition that will strengthen Ukraine's ability to conduct an offensive in the coming months.
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Will FFG Wisent's modernized ARV Armored Recovery Vehicles of the Danish army be part of the forthcoming military aid package offered to Ukraine, as it will include armored repair, evacuation and engineering vehicles? (Picture source: FFG)

Acting Danish Defense Minister, Troels Lund Poulsen, stated that the aid package will pave the way for Ukrainian tanks and armored infantry to advance into areas currently occupied by Russian forces. The list of assistance provided by Denmark includes armored repair and evacuation and engineering vehicles, vehicles for the construction of crossings; mine clearance vehicles; financing for the purchase of air defense; EUR 50 million for NATO support with non-lethal equipment for Ukraine; ammunition for the Carl Gustaf M4 anti-tank grenade launchers. "The contents of the aid package are what Ukraine requested. I am proud that we in Denmark can meet these needs," Poulsen said.

This new aid package follows a previous one provided by Denmark in March, which included ammunition for small arms and missiles for air defense. Furthermore, the Danish government has recently launched a program to support Ukraine for 2023, with a total allocation of EUR 1 billion. Poulsen expressed pride in Denmark's ability to meet Ukraine's needs and provide the requested aid.

Since the outbreak of the war, Danish support to Ukraine amounts to more than approximately EUR 1 billion in military support and EUR 192 million in civilian, including humanitarian, contributions. Of the civilian support, approx. EUR 152 million has been donated and approx. EUR 40 million has been guaranteed. The Danish support for Ukraine excludes Danish support via the EU.

Some of the Danish focus areas are military support, humanitarian and acute support, financial support to the Ukrainian state, accountability, mine clearance, protection of women and children, reconstruction, the special partnership with Mykolaiv, and anti-corruption.

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