Indian Army to get BEML Mechanical Minefield Marking Equipment

Indian company BEML is expected to receive orders of more than 55 minefield marking systems from the Indian Ministry of Defense after the successful trial evaluation, IIFL reports.
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Mechanical Minefield Marking Equipment Mk-II  (Picture source:

BEML Ltd, one of the leading actors in the public sectors under the Ministry of Defence, has rolled out the first prototype of its Mechanical Minefield Marking Equipment Mk-II, built on a BEML TATRA 6x6 chassis, an ‘Atmanirbhar’ product, developed through TOT from R&DE Engineers of the DRDO. BEML is executing the project by partnering with several MSMEs.

The Mechanical Minefield Marking Equipment MK-II developed by R&DE (Engineers) is designed for marking the minefields at a faster rate, semi-automatically with minimal human intervention. The equipment is capable of marking/fencing at a minimum rate of 1.2 km/h with an inter-picket spacing of 15 meters. The system can place the pickets at 10-35 meters spacing. The picket can be driven to a maximum depth of 45 cm.

The system is designed to operate in the plains of Punjab, as well as semi-desert and desert of Rajasthan, in all weather conditions. The system can store 500 pickets and 15km-long polypropylene rope.

BEML is expected to receive orders of more than 55 systems from the MoD after the successful trial evaluation.